Companies for All is a social project which was set up in 2013 to eliminate age discrimination and develop age diversity environment in the Russian labor market. We work for specialists of all ages to have equal rights and chances to be demanded professionally and integrated into modern economy.

There is a painful situation with age discrimination in the labor market in Russia and it continues to be widespread. According to official statistics, 70% of senior specialists will not get a job or stay long-term unemployed; majority of people aged over 50 will not be invited to job interviews due to harsh age filters on the resume stage.

What do we do to change this?

  • We have gathered a community of employers which welcome specialists of all ages and are willing to share their expertise in managing multi-age teams and creating an age diversity corporate culture.
  • We run free educational seminars for employers to explain that age diversity provides great opportunities to businesses and retaining senior employees in the workforce will bring companies to success.
  • We search and collect analytics, surveys and successful business cases available on this topic in foreign media and broadcast it to Russian employers in order to ruin stereotypes about older specialists.
  • We produce industry reports promoting age diversity in Russia and Russian speaking countries.
  • We run offline meetings with HR and business communities at Deloitte CIS office in order to demonstrate quality standards and give an extra appeal to employers of being a part of our age diversity community.


We would like your company to join us and share your knowledge and expertise on age diversity in business!


You can reach us via partnership@age-diversity.com